The pretreatment process of rapeseed/canola before pressing

Technology News 2019-08-14 17:58:41

In order to improve rapeseed oil yield and oil quality, rapeseed need to have a complete pretreatment as follows: Rapeseed-Cleaning-Softening-Flaking-Cooking-cooked flakes

The requirement of methods of cleaning:

Although rapeseed have been cleaned before sending to factory, there is also a part of impurities such as dirt, sand, stone, metal bloc,hemp rope. According to the requirement of edible oil refining, those impurities should be removed as far as possible. After cleaning, the impurities content doesnt exceed 0.5%. Because the shape is different between rapeseed and impurities, impurities can be removed by using that feature.

The methods for rapeseed cleaning are screening, winnowing, magnetic separation, removing mud.

1. Screening is manly based on the dimension difference between oilseed and impurities, removing then impurities which bigger or smaller than rapeseed.

2. Winnowing principle is the difference between impurities and canola speed in the air, utilizing the airflow and winnowing equipment to remove the light and heavy impurities.

3. Magnetic separation is based on the magnetic difference between rapeseed and mental bloc.


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