The Processing Method of Small Corn Flour Processing Equipment

Technology News 2019-08-28 16:04:55
When we use small corn flour processing equipment milling processing, grinding is one of indispensable process, its function is to use small force strip away the raw material corn flour processing equipment, admiral from cortex endosperm scrape, endosperm further grinding into a certain fineness of powder.Introduced the commonly used small corn flour processing equipment commonly used method in the process of milling.

1. Squeeze is through two similar face pressure on grain at the same time, under the joint action to make corn broken grinding methods.Extrusion through external cortex has been spread to is located in the center of the endosperm.The cortex and endosperm by force is equal.But due to the grain of the structure strength of each component have very big difference,So after squeezed, endosperm immediately broken and the cortex is still remain relatively complete, thus squeezing grinding effect is better.

2. Shear is through the front of relative movement between two on food grain shear stress, the fracture of grinding method.Shear make the food more easily than extrusion was broken, so the energy dissipations of the shear grinding is relatively small.Food grain at the part of the shearing action is located in the outer cortex, with the failure of the cortex,Endosperm also gradually exposed and the effect of shear.Shearing action, therefore, can make cortex and endosperm broken at the same time making corn flour mixed with fine in cortex, reduces the processing precision of corn flour.

3. Peel scraping in extruding and shearing force produced under the dual role of friction, and through the shape of the working face with special grinding teeth, at a certain ratio, on the corn grain wipe tear, this is the strip.Strip off scraping effect is the maximum keep the grain layer under the condition of complete, scrape down most of the endosperm grain as far as possible,It into the next leg of the grinding system for further processing.

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