Oil Refining Equipment Process Technology

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There's always some impurities in natural oils, on the quantity and composition are different, it all depends on oilseeds pressing, oilseeds varieties, quality, technology, etc.All kinds of oil process of crude oil, such as to achieve or standards used in industry, we must adopt the necessary technical means, these do not need to remove all the impurities, and as a result, the oil refining process "is produced.
Oil refining equipment technology, with the progress of oil extraction technology and put forward corresponding requirements and continuous development.Some in addition to a few grease can be squeezed after direct edible, most of the oil must be refined, to meet the requirements.At present, the oil refining equipment of process include: acid hydration degumming, alkali refining, adsorption decolorizing, winter dewaxing, high-temperature deodorization.
1, hydration dewaxing
Use of phospholipids glue soluble impurities such as hydrophilicity, adding a certain amount of water or electrolyte fluid oil mixing, by using the gravity settling or centrifugation for the purpose of separation and purification.In hydration degumming process, can be settlement separation is given priority to with phospholipids, and phospholipids in combination of substances such as protein, phlegmatic and trace metals, will also be removed together.
2, alkali refining deacidification
Using the free fatty acids in the lye and oil, make the soap after precipitation separation.Generated soap has strong adsorption ability, can be quite a number of other impurities such as solid grain, protein, pectin, pigment, and separated into honeylocust.
3, adsorption decolorization
Common oils with different color, because the grease contained in the number and variety of different pigment, the pigment non-toxic, but will affect the appearance of the oil, to produce bright senior oil and decoloring.To take advantage of some pigment has strong selective adsorption material, under certain conditions the adsorption of pigments and other impurities, achieve the goal of decoloring.This technology not only improve the oil color, effectively removes grease contains some trace metal ions.
4, winterization dewaxing
Oil contains a small amount of wax, lower the opacity of the oil and digestion and absorption, and the oil smell and taste, which reduces the oil edible quality, nutritional value.Wax is also the important industrial raw material, extracted from oil pull wax can improve the nutritional value of edible oil and grease food improves the quality of high quality industrial utilization value and the purpose of comprehensive utilization of vegetable oil wax source.
5, high-temperature deodorization
The oil of the different oil process has a different smell, some good getting popular, such as sesame, peanut oil, the smell of some grease is not welcome.Oil deodorization oil can not only remove the odor material, improve the oil smoke point, improve the flavor of edible oil, still can make oil chroma and the stability of the quality improved.Use of grease in the odor material and triglycerides volatility differences, under the condition of high temperature and high vacuum by using steam distillation deodorization.After "technology" five oil refining equipment, oil color crystal clear, smells fragrant, refreshing taste, the cooking of lampblack, non greasy, less popular consumer favorite.
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