The Technics Characteristic of Hennan Huatai Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machine

Technology News 2015-07-02 17:12:58
 Rice bran is a by-product of rice processing, on the basis of different varieties and rice bran oil content differences, usually 12% to 20%.
Rice bran oil making machine is mainly composed of the following sections:
rice bran pretreatment section, rice bran oil extraction and rice bran oil refining.

Pretreatment section is mainly rice bran floury product separation separation section, rice bran softening conditioning section and rice bran puffing section.
Oil extraction is mainly solvent extraction system, desolventizer system, evaporation system and cooling system.
Rice bran oil refining is continuous dephosphorization and degumming section, physical deodorization section, continuous dehydration section, decolorizing filtration section, crystal section, dewaxing section and electric control system.
Henan huatai Rice bran oil extraction machine features:
1, continuous alkali refining, shortens the time of oil contact with lye and reduce oil saponification, reducing smelting consumption so as to improve efficiency.
2, decoloring by using the combined technology of premixed and steam mixing decoloring, improve the effect of decolorization and save clay dosage, simple and convenient operation, negative state to avoid the oxygen in the air of contact with the hot oil, guarantee the quality of oil, inhibits acid value, lower peroxide value.
3, henan huatai rice bran oil extraction technology use multiple heat exchange system, make full use of the heat source system, effectively reduce the steam consumption, at the same time also has the process can be adjusted, flexible operation, automation, environmental health, etc.
rice bran oil extraction machinerice bran oil refining

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