Henan Huatai Signed The Contract With Egypt Mohammed Company About 100T Cottonseed Oil Refining Equipment

Huatai News 2016-06-24 09:40:40
On June 20, 2016, henan huatai cereals and oils machinery co.,ltd with Egypt Mohammed company signed the contract about 100TPD cottonseed oil refining equipment project into effect.Egypt customers during the period of China, our sales managercommunicate with customers actively, visit our workshop, the interpretation of the process, great efforts, to provide customers comprehensive high quality service, is deep the customer satisfaction.Sign for the success of the project,not only is one kind of affirmation of henan huatai company, will also be Egypt al Mohammed company inject new vitality, this is Egypt in my order for 3 sets of complete sets of equipment.Egypt Mohammed company is a joint venture with Kuwait Egypt, at present the cottonseed oil extaction project ant other multiple projects in Egypt, in order to improve the quality of cottonseed oil, Egypt's al Mohammed company decided to invest in projects of refining.During a visit to my company production workshop, and see my company in the laboratory equipment to produce cottonseed oil samples, after Egypt's al Mohammed, head of the company signed contracts
with henan huatai.
Our cottonseed protein removing gossypol technology and cottonseed oil refining technology is very mature, can get high quality cottonseed protein and cottonseed oil, as a leader in the field of food machine in China, henan huatai company has developed into China's most complete qualification, oil machinery manufacturing enterprise of large scale, and become the cofco, shuanghui group, yurun group, west king group, Shanghai golden monkey group,the Swedish alfa laval, France Louis dreyfus companies at home and abroad well-known enterprises such as equipment suppliers.In order to better product to market, win the market, henan huatai company strive to build service brand,provide life-long free services to our customers.Down the line from the device, the device installation and debugging qualified, customer satisfaction.
Our technical staff will be fully responsible for Egypt Mohammed company for nissan 100 tons of cottonseed oil refining equipment, from design, equipment manufacture, factory acceptance, installation and after-sales service etc. The corresponding link, high standard, strict equipment to produce customer satisfaction, achieve perfect delivery.At present, the set of 100T cottonseed oil refining equipment have started to manufacture, delivery is expected before the end of July 2016.
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