What Is the Price of Huatai Oil Press with High Cost Performance?

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Speaking of cooking oil, there are many marketing gimmicks about cooking oil, such as helping to regulate blood lipids, promoting longevity as a marketing tool emerge in endlessly, in fact, for cooking oil, there is no best, only the most suitable. Which oil is healthiest, it's better to talk about how to eat healthier.

Animal oils and vegetable oils, it is generally believed that animal oils are not as healthy as vegetable oils. This is mainly from the ratio of unsaturated fatty acids in two oils. Usually, vegetable oils contain more unsaturated fatty acids, generally in a ratio of more than 60%, while in animal oils, contains more saturated fatty acids, generally accounting for 50% or more. Excessive intake of saturated fatty acids is unfavorable to the health of the body, especially those who have problems such as obesity, high blood lipids and thick blood. Therefore, for these people, the intake of saturated fatty acids should be minimized and the animal oil in edible oil should be reduced, the proportion of vegetable oil is used as an edible oil.

Which oils are best to cook with? Peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, olive oil, linseed oil, walnut oil, various edible oils have a wide variety of names, which is dazzling. Which one is healthier? It is recommended here that instead of choosing a so-called "healthy oil", it is better to choose a variety of oils. There are different types of unsaturated fatty acids contained in each vegetable oil, and there are certain differences in the health benefits of the body. Therefore, in the selection of edible oils, a variety of commonly used vegetable oils can be considered. For example, after eating a barrel of peanut oil, you may want to change it with a bucket of soybean oil or corn oil. In doing so, the human body can get more benefits from it.

In addition to diversified choices of oil, it is also important to control the amount of oil used every day. When using oil, people may try to use as little as possible on the premise of delicious taste. Only in this way, can the body be healthier.

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