The 5T/D tea seed oil pressing, 1T/D refining, and 1T/D dewaxing projects

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The 5T/D tea seed oil pressing, 1T/D refining, and 1T/D dewaxing projects designed and manufactured by Huatai Group are being shipped one after another.

As a unique woody vegetable oil in China, camellia seed oil is not only rich in nutritional value, but also has very high beauty and health care value. In addition, in recent years, consumers have higher requirements for the nutritional and health aspects of edible oils. Camellia seed oil has gradually become one of the best-selling niche edible oils on the market and is favored by consumers.

The sales market for camellia oil has become increasingly demanding. The more abundant it is, the more tea seed oil processing projects are becoming more and more popular. Recently, Henan Huatai Machinery has received many inquiries about tea seed oil processing projects. Let’s briefly introduce the processing steps of tea seed oil pressing.

Tea seed oil processing requires cleaning, shelling, crushing, steaming, frying, pressing, refining and other processing steps from raw materials to finished tea seed oil.

Step 1: Select materials and clean up

High-quality oil is the basis for squeezing healthy camellia seed oil. Material selection is also a big question. During the material selection process, we try to choose camellia seeds with full particles and no dryness, brokenness, or mold. Such camellia seeds will produce better oil. Better, and ultimately the quality of the oil will be greatly improved. The camellia seeds are then cleaned and stoned to remove impurities such as stones, stems, and mud to preserve the oil stems and improve the pressing efficiency.

Step 2: Peeling and Crushing

The next step is to shell the camellia seeds. There is a shell on the surface of the camellia seeds, so a professional shelling machine is required for shelling. The shelling is for the subsequent process and smoother pressing. After shelling, use a crusher to crush it.

Step 3: Steam and stir-fry

Camellia seeds are steamed and fried to control the temperature and moisture of the oil. The purpose of steaming and frying is to condense the oil, create conditions for accelerating the oil yield, adjust the organizational structure of the material, and use the action of moisture and temperature to make the plasticity and elasticity of the material meet the requirements for pressing, and the pressed camellia seeds The oil tastes more fragrant.

Step 4: Press

The tea seed oil after the above pretreatment enters; the cold press oil press presses out the oil. The advanced level of oil press equipment and the camellia seed oil pretreatment process affect the oil output and pressing efficiency. The tea seed oil obtained at this time is not a refined oil, and impurities in the oil need to be removed through a refining process.

Step 5: Refining

Tea seed crude oil will contain impurities such as phospholipids, free fatty acids, pigments, and moisture. The presence of these impurities will affect the quality of the edible oil, making the edible oil prone to rancidity and deterioration. Long-term use may affect human health. Therefore, crude oil needs to be refined to remove impurities in the oil, as well as chemical components harmful to the human body formed due to high temperatures.

Tea seed oil can improve the quality of oil after being processed by refining equipment. It can improve the quality of oil, change the transparency and color of oil, and increase the safety of food. It is a necessary equipment for creating high-quality oil.

Step 6: Dewaxing

The tea seed oil dewaxing process is based on the melting point difference between wax and oil and the characteristic that the solubility of wax in oil becomes smaller as the temperature decreases. Crystal wax is precipitated by cooling, and then separated through filtration and separation to achieve the purpose of wax oil separation.

The dewaxing link is a process in the refining process of edible oil. During the dewaxing process of edible oil, the deodorized oil is sent to the crystallization tank of the dewaxing equipment. Frozen salt water is passed into the coil of the crystallization tank to slowly crystallize the oil. As the cooling process continues, the crystal nuclei slowly grow into crystal grains and slowly precipitate. The oil that has completed crystallization is sent to the filter for filtration and becomes the finished oil.

The 5T/D tea seed oil pressing, 1T/D refining, and 1T/D dewaxing projects

What are the reference factors when purchasing a complete set of tea seed oil refining equipment? The following is a brief introduction by Henan Huatai Oil Equipment Manufacturer.

1. Look at the user’s main direction of attack. For example, if a user wants to focus on developing cold-pressed tea seed oil, he or she can purchase a hydraulic oil press or a screw oil press with refining equipment. If users want to develop greater oil value of tea seeds, it is recommended that users purchase a leaching and refining production line, including oil press, pretreatment equipment, leaching equipment, refining equipment, etc. Although the oil products have declined, the overall return rate is very high.

2. Make the correct choice for the model and configuration of the equipment based on the actual processing conditions of the user, such as how many tons of raw materials are processed every day, how many tons of crude tea seed oil is expected to be produced, how much-finished tea seed oil is produced, and what grade of oil standards the tea seed oil reaches. , consider these issues comprehensively, and purchase the appropriate equipment.

3. When purchasing complete sets of tea seed oil refining equipment, focus on choosing the right cooperative manufacturer. A good manufacturer has high quality and low price, good equipment performance, and can also guarantee users’ profits. Here we recommend Henan Huatai manufacturer, which has stable equipment and mature experience. , worthy of user cooperation.

The above are the five processing steps for pressing tea seed oil. The tea seed oil processed through the above six steps can meet the standards of edible oil. When purchasing suitable oil machinery and equipment, it is very important to pay attention to the manufacturer. The manufacturer is strong and the equipment is guaranteed. To make users feel more confident in production, interested users can come to Huatai Grain and Oil Machinery to visit, inspect, and purchase.

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