Palm Oil Refinery Plant

Huatai News 2017-01-16 16:01:05
 With Malaysia and Indonesia being the leading producers. Crude Palm Oil is dark in color and to make it edible it has to be refined. The Henan Huatai Palm Oil Refinery Plant is best suitable to refine the palm oil. Our palm oil refinery plant refines the crude red palm oil and transforms it into edible refined transparent oil. The series of refining processes are conducted in our palm oil refinery plant. At every stage of refining, the palm oil changes its state and improves its quality.

Palm Oil Refinery Plant 
Palm Oil Refinery Plant

Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Standard Specifications:

FFA ( as of Palmatic): 8% Maximum

Moisture & Impurities: 0.25% Maximum

Iodine Value: 56 Minimum

Melting Point: 36 - 50 deg. Maximum

DOBI: 2.31 Minimum

Cloud point: 3.5R 3.5Y

Our ISO approved management systems indicate Huatai’s commitment to quality and service thus enabling us to ensure customer satisfaction and respect as a reliable supplier of high quality of sustainable produced edible oils and soap products.

We can supply and export the complete palm oil refinery plant with capacities ranging from 5 ton per day to 100 tons per day.Welcome!

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