Why Many Pharmacies Sale Rice Oil, the Truth Shocked the People!

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 Two days ago to the pharmacy to the mother to buy antihypertensive drugs, encountered a strange thing, the clerk gave me a good antihypertensive drugs and then introduced me to a rice oil, said rice oil with antihypertensive effect will be more Well, may eat a antihypertensive drug, when I was scared to say recommend to me with the medicine I can accept, rice oil Shashi Hou can lower blood pressure? Of course, I did not believe it, but only bought antihypertensive drugs.


I thought this thing passed, the second time, to another pharmacy to buy medicine, or encountered a "rice oil with antihypertensive drugs," the recommendation out of curiosity, take a lot of pharmacies and found more than rice with oil drop Pressure medicine, as well as with blood fat lowering hypoglycemic.

I suddenly found, even to the supermarkets often see the location of rice oil stand more and more obvious, sales are very popular.

It seems overnight, surrounded by rice oil, and more and more pharmacy began selling rice oil, more and more families began to eat rice oil ... ... I can not help but wonder, rice oil is what the oil? Drugstore ye start to do the grain and oil business? Rice oil gnaw overnight in the streets of the popular?


Rice Oil,We ate 100 years later


To find a pharmacy owner, he answered my doubts for me. Pharmacy owner said that rice oil can enter the pharmacy because of the medicinal value of rice oil, rice oil originated in Japan, the earliest dates back to more than 100 years ago, the Edo era, when the rice oil for medicinal purposes. Until 1938 (1933), vitamin B1 discoverer, scientist Suzuki Mitaro pointed out that "the Japanese diet lacks vitamin B1", so rice oil began to change from medicinal to edible.


A few years ago, the Japanese sub-health phenomenon in general, high blood lipids, cancer, heart disease, such as the surge in the number of deaths, accounting for more than 40% of the Japanese cause of death. Japan to improve the national constitution, in the three high rice oil development has done a lot of research work, and now, Japan more than 40% of primary and secondary school meals have been down three high oil as specified oil, such as Iwakuni, The school in Toki City.



Not only that, some time ago, the Japanese in the four collecting good quality rice oil, we do not know why, then, the Japanese Yano Hiroshi second generation of rice oil to buy things that we see the rice oil market prospects. Now which are sold rice oil, the industry has been popular such a phrase "Northeast New Sambo, ginseng, velvet, rice oil." For ordinary people, ginseng velvet gifts do not eat, but the rice oil or consumption from the.

In order to prove the pharmacy owner's statement, I found the "American Medical Journal (The American Journal of Medicine)" and "American Journal of Clinical Lipidology (Journal of ClinicalLipidology)" published from Japan Fukuoka University and the Indian Medical Research Council cooperation research results .



The study was conducted by the University of Fukuoka, Japan, collected 800 volunteers, divided into two types of diabetes and hypertensive patients tested. Studies have shown that rice oil and sesame oil mixed to eat, contribute to high blood pressure, moderate blood pressure in patients with diabetes blood sugar.

The result is unbelievable and lamentable: the Japanese have given us a wake, but we still know a bit too late. 


Why take medicine when the rice? Oil also has efficacy  

Because my mother by the "three high" the harm, relying on antihypertensive drugs to maintain all day, also made me think of more "three high" patients. In recent years, living conditions are getting better and better, but unhealthy lifestyles are also many, high salt diet, heavy oil lipids so that our diabetes, hypertension prevalence rate is on the rise.



2016 WHO first published the "Global Diabetes Report", the results shocked the people - every 10 adults in one person suffering from diabetes, one in every three adults suffering from high blood pressure.


My mom is the "three high" patients, especially encountered exciting things, blood pressure on the spot is even higher, and regardless of 3721, immediately began taking antihypertensive drugs, later said, "Oh, my blood pressure is normal "But you see her, color is not normal, physical is not normal, the spirit is not normal, in fact, antihypertensive drugs can cause kidney failure.



This is the fact that this is why the high blood pressure has become an incurable disease, rice oil mixed with food is a scientific method of diet, can effectively lower blood pressure blood sugar, is simply "three high" patients Gospel. In fact, in the "American Medical Journal early" before the Sun Yat-sen School of Public Health Professor Su Yixiang and Professor Zhu Huilian, in 2013 specifically for oryzanol content of different rice oil, the mouse sleep deprivation experiment. The results showed that rice oil has the effect of relieving fatigue, improving sleep, and has medicinal function. 


From poor ginseng soup to gold in oil 

Said the benefits of so much rice oil, only to find my kitchen has no rice oil, noncommittal, I have to buy a bucket for my mother, fill the kitchen about "missing." Say that the kitchen is the life of the "microcosm", savor indeed the case, the former poor living conditions, oil, salt and consequently province, really did not see who had "three high" this "rich man". Now living conditions are good, and enjoy the rich at the same time a variety of diseases began to ridden. Three high three high, is the rice oil just drop "three high" it? In fact, not down, check down, there are a lot of rice oil we do not know.


In addition to the "three high" effect, rice oil and beauty skin care, cell aging and other effects, than olive oil has a more balanced ratio of nutrition, it is known as "rice gold." Today, rice oil has become the West and other developed countries, the family healthy cooking oil. Rice oil for several years by the World Health Organization recommended as the best cooking oil, the American Heart Association (AHA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended health edible oil. China National Development and Reform Commission of China Public Nutrition and Development Center also identified rice oil as "national nutrition and health advocacy products."


Even the "Compendium of Materia Medica", "Chinese Medicinal Diet Dictionary" also has the corresponding health function records. In general, rice oil can not replace drugs, but it can be called a drug helper, can achieve health functions. In Japan, the role of rice oil itself is explicitly mentioned, such as the Amazon, the rice oil health functions directly on the product description.



And the Japanese rice oil is not expensive, 600g of rice oil equivalent to nearly 52 yuan, nearly three times more expensive than the Chinese rice oil!



Since the rice oil is so magical, that can stop all kinds of bottles and jars of drugs, relying on rice oil to drop three high? Need to be clearly pointed out that rice oil can not replace drugs! But if the medication during the food with rice oil, you can play a multiplier role, no wonder in Japan, neighboring countries use so extensive. However, "strong in its own strong hand", our country's rice oil has reached the level of the world, for example, last year, our rice oil also won the International Rice Oil Quality Award.
In my experience, tell you "three high" patients, rice oil in China started late, but does not affect the development of China's rice oil technology. Domestic edible oil brand, very early on the future of the family of functional edible oil consumption to upgrade the huge demand for health, 10 years ago to invest in research and development. Rice oil into oil is not easy, in reference to Japan's rice oil extraction process on the basis of continuous innovation, mainly from the rice rice embryo (rice bran) extraction, rice embryo only accounted for 5% of rice, but contains 64% of rice nutrition essence .



Our national brand produced by the proportion of fatty acids in rice oil close to the World Health Organization recommended the "golden ratio", the quality of international recognition. And China's annual output of rice ranks first in the world, down three high rice oil and has an excellent nutritional value, I think a high degree of use of rice to carry out three high rice oil is to benefit the country, the development of three high rice oil production technology Will be promising! This year the Chinese New Year home, do not forget to change a bottle of rice oil.

From a grain of rice to the evolution of high-quality edible oil, the domestic high-end rice bran oil processing equipment known manufacturers 2017 portrait dedication.

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