Great Potential for Corn(maize) Oil Market and Oil Processing Technology

Huatai News 2019-04-04 16:32:23
Vegetable oil mainly contains minerals such as vitamins E, K, calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium, and fatty acids. In China, the varieties of vegetable oils that are eaten more are soybean oil, rapeseed oil, peanut oil and cottonseed oil. With the improvement of people's health awareness and the improvement of consumption level, people's consumption of some small varieties of oil has gradually emerged. Such as sesame oil, corn germ oil, sunflower oil, olive oil and tea seed oil.

From a health point of view, corn germ oil is an ideal edible vegetable oil. First, its unsaturated fatty acid content is as high as 80% to 85%, and the linoleic acid content reaches 50%, which has the effect of dissolving cholesterol. In addition, corn germ oil is also rich in vitamin E and plant sterols, and its content is higher than other vegetable oils, both of which are good antioxidants. Future prospects for corn oil market are optimistic

In the consumption of vegetable oil, the consumption of soybean oil has been dominant, reaching about 48%, followed by palm oil (18%), rapeseed oil (17%) and peanut oil (10%). The annual consumption of vegetable oil in China is about 30 million tons, of which soybean oil consumption is 14.7 million tons, palm oil consumption is 5.4 million tons, rapeseed oil consumption is 5.1 million tons, and peanut oil consumption is 300. Ten thousand tons, the remaining 1.8 million tons are some small varieties of oil, such as corn oil, olive oil and so on. In recent years, the growth rate of healthy small-sized edible oils is significantly higher than that of ordinary bulk oils. Domestic small-packaged olive oil, corn oil and other healthy small oils have maintained a growth rate of more than 30%, which is significantly higher than the overall growth of the domestic oil industry.

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