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Animal(poultry) Feed Mill project produced by Huatai will be built in Zambia.


Soybean cake is the by-product after pressing for oil. The by-product of solvent extraction is soybean meal. After suitable heat treatment(110°C3 minutes), the activity of digestion resistant material will be inactive so that protein digestion get improvement. Soybean cake(meal) is rich in protein, crude protein in dry matter is about 40~50% which higher than protein in soybean.

Oil cake fodder have high protein content and complete amino acid with residual oil, which obtain good nutritive. Besides, its aroma flavor, palatability, low cost and wide raw material. The combination use with frumentum feed can get nutrition supplementary effect and improve livestock growth performance. The main oil cake fodder are soybean cake, peanut cake, cotton cake flax cake, rapeseed cake.

Huatai Cererals and Oils Machinery company not only provide the oil seeds mill solutions, but also the processing of oilseeds cake. If you have any questions about oilseeds, welcome to contact us.