What equipment is needed for groundnut oil production?

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Peanut oil is a widely used edible vegetable oil derived from the seeds of peanuts (also called groundnuts). It plays an important role in cooking in China and around the world, and is especially widely used in Chinese dishes, adding unique flavor and nutritional value to food.

Peanut oil is very rich in nutritional value. Contains monounsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid, which helps lower LDL cholesterol levels and is beneficial for cardiovascular health. As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E helps protect cells from free radical damage and plays an important role in maintaining skin health and enhancing immunity.

Peanut oil sold on the market can be divided into two categories: pressed peanut oil and extracted peanut oil according to the process. The pressing process adopts the principle of physical extrusion to squeeze the oil out of the oil. There are no additives during the pressing process, retaining the inherent flavor and flavor of the peanut oil. Nutrition is a production process often chosen by peanut oil processing plants.

The process flow chart for producing peanut oil by pressing process is as follows:

Peanut kernels - cleaning and stone removal - crushing - rolling - steaming and frying - pressing - pressing of peanut oil

First, the cleaned peanuts are crushed and rolled into embryos before steaming and frying. Steaming and frying can adjust the temperature and moisture of the peanut embryos, condense the oil in the embryos, and facilitate subsequent pressing to extract oil. The steamed and fried embryos enter the oil press and are pressed to obtain crude peanut oil.

In order to produce edible oil that meets national standards, the crude oil needs to be processed by oil refining equipment to remove impurities in the crude oil and improve the quality of peanut oil. The peanut oil refining process flow is as follows:

Peanut crude oil - hydration degumming - alkali refining, deacidification - decolorization - deodorization - dewaxing - finished first-grade peanut oil.

The processing of strong-flavor peanut oil is slightly different from that of first-grade peanut oil. Strong-flavor peanut oil uses high-quality newly harvested peanuts to peel the kernels. The impurities must be removed cleanly and thoroughly, and then it is stir-fried at high temperature for a short period of time to produce aroma. It is squeezed once to obtain the crude oil, and then passed through anhydrous Dephosphorization and low-temperature crystallization are used to refine and remove impurities to obtain strong-flavor peanut oil.
What equipment is needed for groundnut oil production?

What equipment is needed to produce peanut oil in an oil factory?

Depending on the processing technology used by the oil factory, the peanut oil processing equipment used is also different. Common equipment required for the pressing production line include: raw material cleaning equipment, shelling machine, crusher, flaking machine, steaming wok, and oil press. , refining equipment, dewaxing equipment, plate and frame filters, filling equipment and other major equipment. If the pre-pressing extracting process is used, a complete set of extracting equipment is also required. The model configuration of the production line should be determined according to the output needs of the oil plant. You can fully communicate your needs with the oil equipment manufacturer, and the manufacturer will design a corresponding production line plan based on the needs.

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