Oilseeds Structure Influences The Efficiency Of Oil Extraction

Technology News 2019-04-16 15:22:04
The efficiency of oil extraction can be influenced by many factors of mainly two kind: structure of oilseed and extraction conditions, except for these, the oil expeller type and structure also is not neglectable.

Structure of oilseed refers to mechanical structure and seed cell structure, it is mainly decided by the pretreatment section( especially the cooking part) and the seed composition. The common requirements are: similar granule size, less mount of intact cells, internal and external seed structure consistency, bigger bulk density, low olein viscosity and surface tension, the oilseed should have certain degree of plasticity.

Factors that influence structure properties: mechanical structure (especially the plasticity) has the major influence on the oil yield, with the similar conditions on Oil content , hull content and other aspects, the plasticity is effected by moisture, temperature and protein denaturation.

Generally speaking, oilseed plasticity increases with the moisture and temperature, and both of them have the best value range(which usually is very narrow) for the best extraction effect. The protein denaturation is essential in the oil pressing express as it signifies the destruction degree of colloid which would effect the quality of oil and cake. Different pretreatment may make the oilseed with the same moisture and temperature but different degrees of protein denaturation.

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