How to maintenance Oil Refining Machine in daily oil making?

Technology News 2019-04-19 14:59:34
 Refining equipment plays an important role to make oil product. Only refined oil is healthier and safer. After daily running and operation, the maintenance of refining equipment is necessary. How to maintenance the plant? Below are some suggestions about it.

Each part of oil refining machine should be checked not only on the basis of the mechanical equipment protection manual and procedures, but also according to the rules of the cycle strictly, so as to decrease parts’ wear speed, eliminate the risk of fault, and extend the using life. For better maintenance, the following work should be done: 

Routine maintenance

Routine protection refers to clean, check, and strengthening, and this should be done both before and after the operating by mechanical operator independently.

Timing maintenance

When oil refining machine operate for a specified period, there is a need for a timing protection, which includes the following contents:

1. The first level of protection: the first level of protection operation was conducted on the basis of routine protection, the main points of operation are clean, check, and strengthening of the related parts, which should be done by mechanical operator under the guide of mechanical supervisors.

2. The second level of protection: the second level of protection is mainly about check and adjust. This step pays more attention to the engine, clutch, transmission, steering and braking, transmission organization, operating equipment, hydraulic system and electrical system, and makes the necessary adjustments, removes the discovered problem, guarantees each assembly machinery, and spares parts with functions of outstanding work. The second level of protection should be done by mechanical service personnel with the assistance of mechanical operator 

3. The third level of protection: the main task is to detect, adjust, and eliminate troubles, and balance wear degree of each part. The part that influences the using function or the part that has potential problem should be carefully detected and diagnosed, and then, to make necessary replace, adjustment and trouble cleaning operations accordingly. The third level of protection should be done by skilled service personnel with advanced testing instruments.

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