Full-continuous refining—Bleaching, Deacidification, Deodorization Process

Technology News 2019-05-22 15:18:48
  The main function of the decolorization process is removing the pigment in the oil, the traces of soap particles and metal ions remaining. In the negative pressure state, the combination of mechanical stirring and steam agitation is more effective. The degummed oil is firstly heated into the heater to a suitable temperature (110 ° C) and enters the white clay mixing tank. The white clay is transported by the low-level white earth box through the wind to the white soil temporary storage tank, and the white soil is added for automatic metering and interlocked with the oil inlet. The oil is mixed with the white clay and overflows to the continuous decolorizer. The decolorizer uses unpowered steam agitation. The decolored oil is filtered into two alternate vane filters. After the filtered oil passes through the safety filter, it enters the decolorizing oil storage tank, and the decolorizing oil stores the decolorizing oil to contact with the air to affect the peroxide value and color return.

The continuous decolorization process has the following characteristics:

1.    The grease and the decolorizing agent are in full contact under dynamic conditions, and the decoloring efficiency is high,which can reduce the amount of the decolorizing agent;

2. The material continuously and uniformly enters and exits so that the decolorization time is balanced to avoid the oxidation of oil and the rise of acid value;

3. The special agitating structure of the decolorizing tower prevents the material from forming a dead angle to avoid the precipitation of the adsorbent and the blockage of the pipeline;

4. Continuously sealed filter equipment realizes automation of unloading cake and reduces labor intensity;

5. Advanced blow drying technology reduces the oil content of the filter cake.

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