Besides palm oil, building a cottonseed oil factory in Ethiopia is a good choice

Technology News 2019-09-11 15:08:12

Cotton is one of the important crops in Ethiopia, and its planting development potential is huge, especially in the Awash Valley, which has large irrigated areas. South Omo (Omorat), northwest (Humela, Motma, Kwara and Carrie Valley), Gambella, Tekze Valley, Dabush Valley and Weber Shabley have developed cotton plantations potential. Cotton planting and processing provide raw materials for Ethiopia's booming textile and apparel industry with great potential for development.

So cotton not only provide the material for clothes and textile, the cottonseed also can be processed to edible oil. Huatai Oil machinery is a professional oil mill machine company in China, who has help customers build oil production line in Africa. If you want to set up an oil factory in Ethiopia, we can provide suitable solution and machine to you.


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