Uganda government encourages palm planting projects with loan

Technology News 2019-09-11 15:34:12

 The oil palm enterprise is a part of the vegetable oil development project of the Ministry of Agriculture. The Minister of Agriculture stated that the project was promoted by the Ugandan government, IFAD and relevant implementing partners. The government will be responsible for compensating for the loss of personnel affected by the project, developing infrastructure, etc. The executive company BIDCO will be responsible for paying for the cost of clearing the land and providing machinery, seedlings, fertilizers, etc. for the farmers. The project includes research on oil palm disease and nutrition, and supports income-generating activities for residents with small plots of land. Palm oil is a highly nutritious edible fat but cheap. Palm oil can be used in the manufacture of margarine, soap, lubricating oil, cosmetics, etc. It is also an auxiliary agent for the textile industry, the leather industry, and tin plating. Due to the high oil content, the instant noodle cake is also fried with oil palm. Palm kernel oil is delicious, in addition to direct consumption and manufacture of margarine, it is also used in the manufacture of premium soaps, soaps and various cosmetics.

In addition, palm kernel meal is a good feed and fertilizer. The shell can be made into activated carbon and used as a decolorizing agent and a drug. The empty ear after the fruit removal can be used as fertilizer, fuel and cultivated straw mushroom. The juice that flows out after the immature inflorescence is cut, can be used for making wine, making sugar and making drinks.  

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