The Processing Technology of Cold Pressed Peanut Oil

Technology News 2016-04-12 15:25:28
Cold pressed peanut oil: using more than 6 screen select high-quality peanuts, through to red, 60 ℃ low temperature cold pressing and filtering process production of peanut oil. 
Oil production is introduced in the Nordic countries as the leading factor of cold pressing technology since its launch in 96, obtained the swift and violent development in developed countries, due to the system of cold pressed oils oil colour and lustre is shallow, phospholipid content is extremely small,
Nutrition factor has not been high temperature damage and to maximize the preservation of, crude oil refined oil without complex, only physical filtration and edible, known as the "green" nutrition oil.Rice bran oil, olive oil, camellia oil, flax seed oil, walnut oil and other high-end grease all adopt cold pressed the legal system。
From oil technology development and the concept of consumer health, cold pressing process will become China's leading oil production in the future.Edible vegetable oil extraction generally there are two ways: 1, squeezing;2 leaching method.Chemical leaching oil is using chemical methods to grease is separated from the raw material of the product.Mainly adopts "6" solvent oil light gasoline (6) the raw material "soaked" in full, and then extract the high temperature and be become.This method of production high yield efficiency, low cost, but due to the production process by chemical solvent (6 light gasoline) pollution, oil has solvent residue. 
Squeeze into a physical method is divided into two kinds: (1) hot press: hot steaming and frying, with skin squeeze for oil production.First want to raw material into the first in the pot hyped, and then through the oil machine oil, such technology advantage is incense oil yieldefficiency is high, and the rest of the residual oil is low.But the downside is after hot pressing, the raw material at high temperature after processing, the biological activity of lower raw material itself.
(2), cold pressed to decrease the high temperature heating process is to rely on physical and mechanical pressure the oil separated from the raw material, refined purification.It is a blend of modern high-tech purification filtering techniques, the whole production process nopollution, products of natural nutrients are not destroyed, reduced the steamed, Fried, leaching and increase the yield efficiency of the process, a greater extent retained the original biological activity. 
Peanut oil production process is: 1. The traditional physical peanut oil press process: peanut withour shelling---clean up in removing impurity---broken---cooking---peanut oil pressing---crude peanut oil---peanut oil refining-finished peanut oil.
2. Cold peanut oil pressing process: more than 6 screen select high-quality peanuts---take off the red---whith peanut kernel---clean up in removing impurity---quenched and tempered---cold pressing peanut oil---cold pressed crude oil---coarse filter---second peanut oil filter---the high quality cold peanut oil---high quality peanut cake---crushing---peanut protein powder.
Health benefits of Cold pressed peanut oil 1, thermal denaturation of protein 2, solvent-free residue 3, contains natural antioxidant 4, no aflatoxin 5 do not contain genetically modified (GMO) composition 6, no cholesterol composition 7, do not contain chemicals and preservatives, 8, does not destroy the peanuts in a variety of nutrients, 9,high smoke point, smoke less.
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