The Advantage of Peanut Oil

Technology News 2016-04-14 13:32:58
Peanut oil is yellow transparent, color clear, fragrance, taste delicious, edible oil is a kind of easy to digest.Peanut oil contains unsaturated fatty acids by more than 80% (including 41.2% oleic acid, linoleic acid (37.6%).It also contains palmitic acid, stearic acid and arachidic acid such as saturated fatty acid 19.9%.The composition of fatty acids of the peanut oil is better,For easy digestion and absorption by human.The composition of fatty acids of the peanut oil is good, easy to human digestion and absorption.According to foreign data, the use of peanut oil, can raise the body cholesterol into bile in vitro, side by side in lowering plasma cholesterol.In addition,Peanut oil also contain sterol, wheat germ, lecithin, vitamin E, choline and other beneficial substances to the human body.Often eat peanut oil, can prevent the alligator skin aging, protect blood vessels, prevent thrombosis, can help prevent atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.Choline in peanut oil, also can improve the memory of the brain, slow brain function decline.Amount of peanut oil containing zinc is salad oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil many times.Although a lot of way to zinc supplementation, but oil is essential to the People's Daily supplements, so eat peanut oil is suitable mass zinc supplementation. Peanut oil also contains a variety of anti-aging ingredients, a slow brain aging.Peanut oil is spleen runfei,solution, the effect of flooding dirty insect. Nutrition experts also found in peanut oil, has a longer prolong cardiovascular health benefits of the three;Resveratrol, monounsaturated fatty acids and beta valley sterol, experiments show that these substances are tumor diseases chemical prevention agent, also reduce platelet aggregation, chemical prevention and control of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease prevention.peanut oil is one of the elderly ideal edible oil, peanut oil in choline, also can improve the memory of the brain, slow brain function decline.
Peanut oil pressing processing: peanut kernel - cleaning - broken - cooking - peanut oil pressing - peanut cake - peanut oil extraction workshop - centrifugal filtration - refined peanut oil.
peanut oil pressing

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