Activated Clay’s Application in Crude Vegetable Oil Refining

Technology News 2019-04-30 15:02:05
Bleaching section is a part of crude oil refining process. It removes the impurity which adversely affects the appearance and characters of triglyceride. The process of bleaching is the mixing and refilter of adsorbate and oil. The dosage and characters of adsorbate is related to success of bleaching or efficiency.

Activated clay is a kind of adsorbate taking bentonite as raw materials to process, having a wide usage in Oils and Fats industry. It has a strong adsorbability for pigment, especially chlorophyII and other colloidality impurities. Oil after bleaching has a little earthy smell which can be removed during deodorization.

Compared with other decolouriser, activated clay has become the most popular edible oil adsorbate by its advantages of large surface, strong adsorbability, low activation and not reacting with oils and other material. The added content of clay is decided by the color of oil and standards for product oil. Normally, the usage amount is 2%~5% of oil and more clay, the color is better, but too much clay will cause oil yield reducing because some oil will be absorb as we as bleaching. The oil content in clay is about 20%~25%. So oil content in clay is regarded as one important index for oil factories.

China has a rich bentonite resources, also the super bentonite exporter. Among 5 million tons consumption of clay, about 10% are used for edible oil refining and petroleum industry. Huatai, as a professional oil processing manufacture in oils and fats industry, always provides crude oil plant for oil factories all over the world.

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