How to deal with oil cake/meal?

Technology News 2019-04-24 10:10:49
Vegetable oil can be made by cold-pressing machine and solvent extraction. The solid residue after cold-pressing is oil cake, the oil meal is the by-product from solvent extraction. Then how to deal with these oil cake/meal? Even some people sell these oil cake, what are the oil cake used for?

The oil cake is from the vegetable seeds such as groundnut, soybean, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds, rape seeds, sesame seeds. Edible oil is made by press machine and by-product are created with certain nutritional value.

The reason why we always see that oil production factory is found with a feed factory is that making full use of oilseeds even the oil cake. What’s more, it also can be used for plants and flowers as basic fertilizer.

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