Effects of different oil extraction processes on peanut

Technology News 2019-05-29 16:26:35
 The effects of different oil extraction processes on the migration of aflatoxin and aflatoxin removal by removing peanut red skin were studied. The results showed that by solvent extraction, about 3% of AFB1 and AFB2 migrated into the oil, and the remaining 97% moved to the meal. about 10% AFB1 and 0.1% AFB2 migrated to the oil during aqueous enzymatic extraction, and 69.25% AFB1 and 77.70% AFB2 migrated to the liquid phase. about 10% AFB1 and AFB2 migrated to the oil, and the remaining 90% moved to the cake when peanut was pressed.

Peanut is rich in fat, the fat content of the kernel is as high as 49% to 54%, and the peanut oil contains 80% unsaturated fatty acid and 20% saturated fatty acid. However, peanuts are easily contaminated by aflatoxins, which are toxic secondary metabolites produced by Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus, which seriously affect human health. A large number of clinical studies have shown a significant correlation between the incidence of human liver cancer and the exposure of aflatoxin. At the same time, aflatoxin has teratogenic and mutagenic effects\[2-4\]. In 1993, the WHO Cancer Research Organization classified aflatoxin as a Class I carcinogen, and it is one of the most toxic three major cancers in nature.

When peanut oil is used to make oil, aflatoxin migrates into the oil and cake, affecting the safety of the oil and cake. Although there are many methods for the degradation of aflatoxins in oils and cakes, such as physical methods \[5-6\], chemical methods \[7-10\], and biological methods \[11-13\], Because these methods lack selectivity for raw materials, this study focuses on starting from raw materials, selecting the appropriate oil preparation method according to the level of aflatoxin in the raw materials, checking from the source, reducing the Aspergillus flavus in oil and cake . Toxin content. In this paper, we studied the migration of aflatoxin in peanut oil by solvent extraction, water enzymatic method and pressing method, and studied the aflatoxin content in raw materials and peanut oil and peanut cake. The relationship between the removal of red clothing on aflatoxin reduction and the provision of basic data for peanut suitability processing.

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