Single machine used in oilseed pretreatment process

Technology News 2019-05-31 14:34:04
 Oilseed pretreatment is a necessary section for removing impurities from raw material. Because too much impurity especially stones is not good for oil press running and maintenance. Here are some machine introduced to you.

Oilseeds cleaning sieve.

Oilseeds cleaning sieve is mainly primary cleaning the impurity.

1. The process is designed according to the character of the oilseeds, targeted, and will be more thorough clean for clean oilseeds;

2. To reduce the wear and tear for the follow-up equipment, reduce the dust at workshop;

emissions, cost savings.

Conditioning tower

It is used for softening the soybean and removing the moisture simultaneously to improve soybean plasticity, so that flaking machine rolled out thin and not broken flakes, meet the technical requirements, thereby improve the steaming and cooking, pressing, extraction effect.

  MS Scraper Conveyor 

The Series of horizontal scraper conveyor is widely used for long distance transportation materials, its chain adopts sleeve roller chain and head-tail chain profile, and has small dynamic load, compact structure, smooth and reliable operation of transmission, large transmission capacity, and low energy consumption. Convex rails are made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene materials with excellent wear resistance. It is widely used in feed mills, rice mills, flour plants, oil factory, grain depots, ports etc.

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