Traditional Alkali Refining Technology In Oil Processing Equipment

Technology News 2016-03-08 13:21:08
Now, most of oil processing machine of physical oil refinery method has been adopted for oil refining, but there are a few of the refinery adopts alkali refining technology of oil refining.Alkali refining process compared to the refining process, is a kind of the elimination of backward technology.
Henan huatai introduce detailed analysis for everybody, oil processing equipment of traditional alkali oil refining processes:
Oil processing equipment of traditional refining process usually adopts alkali refining method, which can add a certain amount of alkali in hair oil, in order to neutralize the free fatty acids in the oil, the resulting soap feet again after a separation of the separation process, and then washed.Not only high consumption of smelting alkali refining technology, oil processing equipment at the same time also can produce a large number of water washing wastewater,
Extra for sewage treatment, in order to achieve the local or national emission standards.But physical refining process for processing inferior oil machinery oil or cottonseed oil effect is very ideal.On the basis of the traditional refining, adopt unique physical refining method, through the holes in the tray pipe to oil injection steam, at the same time of deodorization,Also offer free fatty acids in oil vapor. physical oil refining process in oil machinery to satisfy the fashion of green products, has the characteristics of smelting low consumption, no pollution.Due to no longer use chemical treated crude oil, no longer produces in the process of the refining wastewater, manufacturers don't have to spend a lot of financial and material resources to solve environmental problems.Therefore, compared with the alkali oil refining process, has the advantages of more physical refining, oil processing equipment oil processed in this way, the quality and efficiency will be higher.
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