How To Solve The Problem On Fall Slag Of Soybean Oil Extraction Machinery?

Technology News 2016-03-11 14:33:11
When soybean oil extraction machinery works, avoid some problems of one kind or another, for oil press, in fact 5% of the risk of slag is belong to normal, so customers don't have to worry about.But if take slag is too serious, it depends on the instruction, to figure out what is causing the first, try to solve,It won't solve, can seek advice technology, this effect is better.
Soybean oil processing machine slag serious risk, have the following reasons:
1. Press material moisture inappropriate;
2. The pie mouth gap is too small;
3. Press circle pressure self-contained mother is too loose.
Soybean oil extraction machinery slag serious risk, we squeezed vendors would give you the following advice operation:
1. The cake thickness adjustment is too thin.Disposal method. Adjust the cake thickness thicker again.
2. Oil crops in the pressing chamber temperature or in the pool at the temperature through high or too low.Disposal method to control the temperature of oil crops.
3. Press the ring is loose.This article will change to squeeze in circle.If the assembly is then reassembled.
4. New running-in or parts wear also can lead to this phenomenon.Disposal method is to continue running in or change parts.
5. When pressing oil soybean oil mill, if there is a small amount of slag phenomenon, also belong to normal phenomenon (run slag allowed up to 5%).If run large amount of slag, the need to adjust.In terms of oil,
oil water cut of improper, too dry or too wet, will run slag occur, oil is too wet, article run to check for flake, a pie a softer hand grip to make, have white foam in the flow of oil.If the oil is too dry, row running slag powder, the hair is named in cake powder, poor flow of oil, in the bore to squeeze out the oil clearance should be less.Article namely row with matter, when the last article a row with a hammer, soybean oil mill of 100 park row of pressure wire mother should be a little tightening up.This is soybean oil extraction machinery, the reasons of slag at some often occurring in the customers can try to solve, generally can be resolved.
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