Introduction to Soybean Isolate Protein Technology

Technology News 2019-05-15 14:49:14
Soy protein isolate is ac complete protein food additive produced from low temperature desolventizing soybean meal. Soy protein isolate has a protein content of more than 90%, nearly 20 kinds of amino acids, and contains essential amino acids. It is rich in nutrients and is one of the few alternative animal protein varieties in plant protein.
Soy protein isolate complete equipment engineering specifications: 30 ~ 500T / D
Raw materials for application: soybeans, walnuts, peanuts, etc.

●Raw Material:
The quality of soybean meal directly affects the extraction rate and functional properties of the isolated protein. The raw soybean meal used for the separation of protein production should be low-denatured soybean meal after washing, peeling, solvent degreasing, low temperature or flash de-solubilization. This soybean meal contains less impurities, higher protein content and lower protein denaturation, and is suitable for soy protein isolate production.
●Leaching process:
When extracting protein from soybean meal, the amount of water added, pH, temperature, and extraction time have a great influence on the yield of the isolated protein.
The choice of leaching time is mainly to see the dissolution rate of the protein.
●Separation process:
In the process of producing isolated protein by alkali-soluble acid precipitation, there are two separation steps. After extracting the soy protein with the alkali solution, the protein extract and the bean dregs are separated by centrifugation; the second is to separate the protein curd and the whey after acid precipitation. The separator is a key device in the production of soy protein isolate.
●Acid precipitation, water washing, neutralization process:
The acid precipitation process of soy protein mainly utilizes the principle that the soy protein has a low solubility under PH conditions, so that it can be coagulated and precipitated.
Precipitation can only be condensed when PH reaches the isoelectric point of glycinin. The acid addition rate during acid precipitation process also affects protein precipitation.
●Sterilization, homogenization, drying process
The protein solution after beating and neutralizing is subjected to heat treatment. Heat treatment at different temperatures has different effects on the viscosity, gel strength, NSI value, flavor, etc. of the protein product.

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