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The comparing between mechanical screw press and solvent extraction


 There are two methods to separate oil from oilseeds: crushing in mechanical screw press or extraction with solvent.

Before oilseed pressing, pretreatment is also important especially for solvent extraction. Mechanical screw press are common for small-scale oil production with high residual oil. Solvent extraction plant is for medium and large-scale oil factory.

But screw press is not available for all oilseeds especially for whose oil content less than 10%. For solvent extraction, rice bran and soybean can be extracted directly.

For the mechanical screw press, the cold-pressing can remain the original smell inside oilseed. Consumers like people from India like that smell. While the not-pressing will reduce that smell.

So how to choose the oilseed processing equipment is the key for clients. First, you should know the how many oilseeds you need to processing one day. Second, your cost budget.

Huatai is a professional oil plant manufacture in China. We have much experience on oil and fats industry. Based on customer’s requirement, Huatai has established plenty of oil production line. You can contact us freely if any question.